South Australia


All exploration in South Australia must be conducted under an authority from the Department of Energy and Mining. Exploration and production licences are granted under the Mining Act 1971 and Petroleum and Geothermal Act 2000 and allow licence holders to explore and mine certain minerals, coal and gas on limited areas of land.

  • Tenement Types

    The different tenement types fall under the Mining Act 1971 or Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000. The grant of exploration and production tenure gives the holder exclusive rights to explore or mine for minerals or coal, or explore or produce petroleum/gas during the term of the lease. Each has its own compliance requirements with must be fulfilled.

    The most commonly used tenement types are listed below:

    • Exploration Licence (EL)
    • Exploration Release Area (ERA)
    • Extractive Minerals Lease (EML)
    • Minerals Lease (ML)
    • Mineral Claim (MC)
    • Access Claim (AC)
    • Miscellaneous Purposes Licence (MPL)
    • Retention Lease (RL)
    • Private Mine (PM)
    • Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL)
    • Geothermal Exploration Licence (GEL)
    • Petroleum Retention Licence (PRL)
    • Geothermal Retention Licence (GRL)
    • Pipeline Licence (PL)
    • Preliminary Survey Licence (PSL)
    • Speculative Survey Licence (SSL)
    • Associated Activities Licence (AAL)
    • Special Facilities Licence (SFL)

  • Guidelines

    DME has a large number of useful guidelines to help explorers, miners, landholders and tenure managers in understanding requirements and processes associated with compliance and activities.

  • Other Useful Links

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