Land and Tenure Management – Software Solutions

In late 2017, Measured Group purchased the Smartman Land and Tenure Database software system from Ray Slater & Associates. This purchase coincided with the growth of our Land and Tenure Management business and allowed Measured to ensure our clients tenement licence conditions are met, on time, and in accordance with legal and reporting obligations. Please click on the Smartman logo below to view the database. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Smartman licence.

As an innovative company, constantly looking to improve how we do business, Measured is currently creating a web-based Land and Tenure Management software package, Mten, using what we have learned from Smartman together with our knowledge of the mining industry and tenure obligations. Although still in the development stage, the release date is only weeks away and Mten licences will be available to purchase. Please click on the logo below for more details on Mten and contact us for further information.